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Frontier is a one-stop-shop for discovering liberty-friendly alternatives and free-market solutions to systemically created problems. We also offer a number of liberty-focused consulting services with the goal of enhancing/defending liberty, decreasing dependency on involuntary systems, and solving problems through the free-market rather than bigger government. About Us.


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Our Services

Frontier Liberty offers innovative consulting services that are truly changing the way we approach 'liberty within our lifetime.' Our services are designed to respond to people's real needs in real-time.

Our services are diverse, but all come with the same promise of ultimately way more freedom.

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Tools & Resources

Browse literally hundreds of tools and resources in our highly curated directory of Liberty Enhancing Technologies (LET's). You won't be disappointed.

Privacy Tools

Privacy Tools protect you against warrant-less surveillance and the non-consensual monetization of your personal data, Take back your privacy using the best tools out there for online and offline privacy, encrypted data storage, and mobile phone privacy.

Counter-Economic Tools

Counter-Economic Tools help you decrease dependency on central banks, protect yourself from inflation and a growing national debt,  and discourage corporate lobbying and political control through the free- market. Find alternative currencies, anti-debt tools, entrepreneurship tools, and ethical consumerism tools.

Self-Reliance Tools

Self-Reliance Tools increase your food, water, shelter, energy independence as well as community resilience. It is a lifestyle which is sustainable and which decreases your dependency on government, industrial agriculture and nuclear power.

Legal empowerment Tools

Legal empowerment is knowing the law and using available 'para legal tools' like dash cameras and legal smartphone apps to make the law work for you. These grass root justice tools; “take the law out of books and courtrooms, and makes it available and meaningful to ordinary people.” Tools which help enhance your capacity to exercise your rights.

Alternative News and Education

Alternative News and Education Tools give you alternatives to the hegemonic propaganda and conditioning you find in government education and mainstream media. They support independent thinking and acting.