About Us


Frontier Liberty is a solutions-focused consulting service and resource-center for solving systemically created problems through providing people free-market solutions and creative liberty-friendly alternatives.

Our mission:

Our mission is to enable access to and equip people with the tools and solutions they need to enhance/defend their liberty, decrease dependency on involuntary systems, and solve problems through the free-market rather than expanding government.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that it is very difficult if not impossible to change the system if we are dependent on the very system we are trying to change. Therefore we believe it is very important that people have healthy alternatives. We also believe people need access to the best tools available in order to make it happen. The term we use to describe this general set of tools is Liberty Enhancing Technologies (LET's).

Liberty Enhancing Technologies (LET's) are tools which:

  • Increase food/water/energy/economic independence
  • Replace bureaucratically-driven hierarchies with a decentralizing technologies
  • Enhance ones capacity to exercise natural rights & freedoms
  • Provide an alternative to liberty-hostile 21st century lifestyle choices

There are five kinds of tools found on our website:

  • Privacy Tools
  • Counter Economic Tools
  • Independent Media and Alternative Education Resources
  • Self-Reliance Tools
  • Legal Empowerment Tools

These 5 kinds of tools address 5 major systemic problems:

  • Warrantless surveillance and wire-tapping,
  • Inflation, out of control spending and a growing national debt
  • Hegemonic propaganda and top-down thinking in media and public education
  • Increasing dependency on government for food, water, housing, utilities, security, etc..
  • Downward legal mobilization of the individual within in our criminal justice system