the first ever liberty-centered advertising network!

Say goodbye to Google Ad-non-Sense and trashy tabloid advertisements on your website and say hello to a network of pro-liberty products and services!

Have you ever wondered...

"is there a way to monetize my website through advertising without polluting it with celebrity gossip, snake oil and penis enlargement pill ads?"  There has to be a better alternative.

Coming May 2016 - Liberty Advertising Network (LAN)

Don't make trade-offs. Peace of mind does not have to come at the expense of financial freedom. LAN makes it possible to keep the money and your principles.

Let's prove that liberty can be profitable without selling your readers down the river of base, carnival sideshow advertisements.  Let us help you to create a profitable revenue stream through liberty-centered ad placement that is consistent with the message of liberty and integrity.


What are the benefits?


  • Eliminate low-quality tabloid ads which can harm your message and values
  • Choose from a large network of liberty-focused merchants
  • Earn more through ad placement tailored to the audience you serve


  • Gain easy access to a network of liberty-focused publishers
  • Optimize your advertising through effective, easy to use, ad management tools
  • Convert more sales by using an advertising network of highly targeted publishers

what are the Costs?

FREE TO JOIN! NO HIDDEN COSTS! We make money when you do and we are committed to your success.


How does it work?

For Publishers:

  • Register through our platform
  • Select ad-creatives from our network of liberty merchants
  • Place them on your site and start earning by spreading liberty!

For Merchants:

  • Register through our platform
  • Post the ads you want to see published
  • Track your stats and watch your sales grow


How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the form below and one of our liberty agents will contact you.  We will be launching our service May 2016.

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