This page contains tools and resources for helping you enhance your liberty in education.

Education Tools and Resources

Independent News & media

Independent News & media

Access to classified and non-covered news and information is an essential liberty tool. Here you can find outlets for independent and alternative news outlets free of influence by government or corporate interests.These include radio, television, newspapers or Internet news sites bringing to light non-covered or classified information you may or may not find covered in mainstream media. 

Alternative Education Resources

Virtual learning

Education of the 21st century is not confined to classrooms and public schools. Millions of lectures, curriculum, material, and resources are available through virtual academies and online education organizations. Break free from the public educational system with virtual learning tools and resources like the ones you will find here.

alternative educational tools and resources

There has been a growing dissatisfaction with mainstream education obedience tactics and a hyper-focus on standardized testing. There are many new and not so new emerging approaches to teaching and learning not typically found in mainstream or traditional education called Alternative education, or non-traditional education. Examples include independent schools like Montessori,,Waldorf, democratic or free schools, Sudbury schools, open classroom schools, those based on experiential education, schools using an international curriculum, home-based learning, home schooling and home-school coops. The emphasis in these approaches is generally more on small class sizes, more self direction, close relationships between students and teachers, natural/non-coercive learning, catering to multiple intelligence and facilitation of different learning styles, and a stronger sense of community than typically found in traditional education.

Private School licensing exemption services

Despite common opinion most private schools in Texas are exempt from licensing requirements.  If If going it alone, be sure you have requested the a copy of the actual exemption criteria iteself from the Texas Administrative Code (not references from website FAQ) (very important). We have successfully helped Educational Institutions in Texas with exemption; saving them thousands of dollars in time and labor complying with blanket policies stifling progress and the use of individual discernment by faculty and staff. Our costs are half of the average cost associated with getting and remaining in compliance with DFPS Licensing for private educational institutions in Texas. For assistance, contact Frontier Liberty Staff and read more about our consulting in our services page.


Each state has their own criteria for vaccination exemptions. The map below provides a legend outlining which states provide for exemptions from vaccination and which exemptions are offered. Click on the map to be taken to an interactive map where you can select your state and access exemption forms.