Find independent news and media outlets here as well alternative or nontraditional education resources. Mainstream media and traditional education are unfortunately abound with hegemonic propaganda and conditioning. The ability to think independently precludes the ability to act independently and responsibly. Access to independent outlets of education and news is essential to free and open societies. 

Independent news media

Independent news media often bring to light information not covered by mainstream media, and often aim to challenge existing powers and the values of the masses rather than keep the status-quo. Find here resources for radio stations, podcasts, news, internet magazines, databases for leaked classified documents, and more.

Alternative Education

There is a growing dissatisfaction with mainstream education today and alternative or non-traditional education approaches are popping up in response. Examples include Montessori,Waldorf, democratic or free schools, Sudbury schools, open classroom schools, experiential education schools, schools with international curriculum, home-based learning, home schooling and home-school coops. There also are a number of free online schools and virtual educational resources available such as Khan Academy and others. All these and more can be found here.