StartPage is an anonymous alternative to mainstream search engines that has the highest SSL encryption score in the Industry. It pulls up Google search results using "Perfect Forward Secrecy" in combination with a more secure version of SSL encryption known as TLS 1.1. and 1.2, which works by setting up a secure "tunnel" through which users' search traffic cannot be intercepted by the NSA. they do not use cookies, record your IP address or save any of your search history. They even allows you to view pages through a proxy to keep sites from collecting this information about you. 

If you wish to compare it to Google Search Engine, this search bar will open in a new window. We are unwilling to put google adsense searchbar on our website so to compare please go to and enter the same keywords.



DuckDuckGo is another anonymous alternative to Google, Yahoo and the rest. It is a little bigger than StartPage with great search results. Again, no saving search history, using cookies, or recording IP addresses.