Does My Baby Need a Birth Certificate or Social Security Number to get a Passport?

Having a baby has become primarily a legal and bureaucratic process and secondarily a natural one. What would happen if my baby did not get a birth certificate or a social security number? Could he/she get a passport? How would he/she establish citizenship and identity otherwise? Will men in black show up and my door asking for her papers and the sky fall on our heads as parents? Here is how we got our daughter a US passport without using a birth certificate or a social security number.

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Battered Citizen Syndrome: Are You in an Abusive Relationship With Your Government?

Most people know what abuse looks like when they see it. But what if the abuse was not coming from an individual, rather from a government? Could you recognize it? Domestic abuse and systemic abuse are two sides of the same coin. Applying what you know about couples to government can be difficult. Here are 7 questions which make it easy to determine if you are in an abusive relationship with a government.

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Community Crime Prevention: Phasing out Police

Police brutality and excessive use of force are on the rise as police receive an increasingly high concentration of trauma because communities rely on them exclusively to prevent crime. Here are a number of things communities can do right now to make police obsolete and solve the problem of police brutality through the free-market rather than bigger government (fox watching the hen-house).. Take back your right to self-police and bolster the ability of individuals to self-govern.

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Decentralized Alternatives to State Medical Boards

State medical boards are full of corruption and are constantly getting caught suppressing alternative treatments. But how else can we have quality control in the medical industry? Is there any alternative that is less liberty hostile? There is! These consumer reporting and rating sites decentralize the quality control and let you solve this problem through the free market rather than big government. Check out this list!

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Liberty-Friendly Alternatives to the Traditional 401k

Traditional 401ks are surprisingly liberty-hostile. The slightest economic crisis or whimsical inflation by the FED and you wont be getting out nearly the amount you put in decades ago. Here are some more liberty-friendly alternatives to the 401k and 403b.

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New Membership Program: Early Signup!

Frontier Liberty patrons are offered early signup rates for new membership program. Program offers generous perks and near wholesale rates on liberty and privacy products and services. First additions to program include privacy phone cases, USB/hidden audio recorders, dash-cameras, counter lidar tools, and survival food and gear.

Member support goes to expanding our services and resources, reaching new people through advertising and direct outreach, and covering our base expenses each month.

Most of all, members support giving people alternatives!

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