Decentralized Alternatives to State Medical Boards

State medical boards are full of corruption and are constantly getting caught suppressing alternative treatments. But how else can we have quality control in the medical industry? Is there any alternative that is less liberty hostile? There is! These consumer reporting and rating sites decentralize the quality control and let you solve this problem through the free market rather than big government.

Quality control in the medical industry is done primarily by state medical boards. These boards hold doctors accountable and have been tasked with protecting patients from medical malpractice. Unfortunately though, they have also been the gatekeepers of medical innovation and advancements. Through licensing and the narrowly defined "standard of care," medical boards have been systematically suppressing alternative treatments and cures in favor of special interests. But what else could people do to determine a doctors qualification, reputation, and track record besides a government agency to give their stamp of approval? The answer is doctor rating sites/apps.


Over the past decade, people have been turning to consumer reporting sites to decide whether they should use a good or service. For example, when you want to try a new restaurant, do you look up their license to see if they have the OK from the-man or do you look at their rating on Yelp or somewhere similar?

Across the globe, these decentralized consumer reporting sites have been changing the way that people approach quality control in a variety of industries. Yelp in the food and beverage industry, Uber rating system vs government taxi license, and now rate-my-doctor sites which are the yelp of the medical industry.

There are a number of these sites available, some having been around almost a decade. Almost every doctor has been rated on one or another of these sites and cares more about his reputation and rating more than his license, more and more at least as things change.

If you are looking for a medical quality control alternative to the tyrannical state medical boards we have now, check out one of these sites the next time you need a good doctor in your area and watch the old ways of government coercion fade into the sunset.

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