New Membership Program: Early Signup!

Liberty lovers are now able to join Frontier Liberty's upcoming member program set to launch in a couple months. The membership program makes liberty tools more accessible by making wholesale purchases and thus enabling near wholesale rates to members. How does it work? Members purchase qualifying products and services and once wholesale goal is met, orders are placed, services become available, goods are distributed, members liberty goes up and costs stay down.

FL presently offers three membership plans: monthly (basic), yearly (advanced) and lifetime (sponsor) level. All levels receive  a shirt, bumper sticker, exclusive members monthly newsletter. and liberty consulting gift card. Higher plans include hidden audio recorders, dash cameras, member cards, solutions and alternatives referral cards, and more consulting.

Membership includes great member perks as well as Liberty Enhancing Technologies (LET's)  at a discounted rates. Some of the first liberty tools set to be made available for purchase to members are faraday privacy phone cases, USB/hidden audio recorders, dash-cameras, counter lidar tools, and survival food and gear,  to name a few. 

Member support goes to expanding our services and resources, reaching new people through advertising and direct outreach, and covering our base expenses each month.

Most of all, members support giving people alternatives!

Nick Reed1 Comment