Opting-Out of TSA Airport Body Scanners: A Starting-Point for Aspiring Rights Activists

If you are an aspiring civil rights activist and are looking for a good place to get your feet whet, then this is the act for you. Saying these three magic words the next time you are gettingherded through those invasive naked body scanners at the airport and watch as you TSA agents swing open the gates for you, letting you bypass their most prized security feature. What are those three magic words?


Here, 'flexing your rights' will NOT result in your arrest, detention or not being allowed to fly. In fact, you win a free massage! Luxury activism. Really.

The scanners were first introduced in response to the infamous underwear bomber.  Back in 2009 a Nigerian man tried to set fire to explosives hidden in his underwear on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Scanner manufacturers did not let this opportunity go to waste.

The TSA has been forced to create an alternative procedure for travelers called "opting-out." Tell TSA Agents that you "opt-out" and watch as you bypass their "security" (obedience) measures unscathed and un-scanned.

Opting out at the airport is the easiest and lowest risk way for an aspiring civil rights activist to get his or her feet wet. The risk is slim. Almost everyone just walks up, sticks it to the man and walks away with your first badge. But this opt-ion was bought with the blood, sweat and tears of liberty and privacy warriors in a time when opt out was not always a 'thing.'

As big of a 'thing' as it is now you will more than likely still be the only one doing it. the shy and timid freedom-lover will find a mild rush with this little rite-of passage.

Need some more fuel for your fire? Why opt-out?

CNET: "The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that it had surreptitiously saved tens of thousands of images recorded with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint of a single Florida courthouse."

Apparently, the TSA actually requires scanners to be able to store pictures of naked bodies. Despite the fact that the TSA publicly stated, "scanned images cannot be stored or recorded" 100's were leaked online in 2010.

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