Last Words... Before I lived.

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Come watch your favorite actors and actresses embark on thrilling and action packed adventures full of twists and turns, obstacles and challenges!

Come get your fill of characters answering callings to the worthiest of pursuits! ...Pursuits so worthy, they will endure anything and everything that comes their way.

Oh how we love to see our favourite actors and actresses rise to the occasion; how, with a single mind and a whole heart, they break from their bondage, and overcome all barriers against all odds. We revel in how there is no amount of discomfort, effort, wrongful accusation, or threat that deters their hearts steadfast lock on the worthiest pursuit a fictional storyline could produce.

Pursuits.. which we are starved for…

We spend countless hours in dark hypnotic theaters watching actors act out what purpose and calling look like in a fictional scenario… While purpose and calling remain latent in our own lives. And the setting for the most worthy of pursuits lay hidden within the fabric of this moment, and I know it not.

May we stop for a moment, and ask ourselves: Are we clocks -ticking -waiting to die? Or is there something more… hidden perhaps… just between the lines and beyond our present interpretation of things? Could there be something great we are missing, something which we might discover if only the thick fabric of our giant life maps would just tear open just long enough for us to peer through and see life -raw and pure?

There is a hole inside of mankind's heart; it is a bottomless pit of infinite depth which lay inside of each one of us. A hole of which no measure of quantity will ever suffice in satisfying.

And so we acquire our degrees and accolades, our wealth and riches, build our resumes and friends on facebook. But let us consider, even if one of us were to finally posses all of the world's power, knowledge, and wealth… would that be enough to satisfy that whole in our hearts? If not then let us ask ourselves, where then is the missing quantity to come from? Shall we stick a flag in the moon, Mars, and just keep going or are we trying to fit a round peg into a square hole? Are we pursuing the wrong kind of knowledge, power, and wealth?

I ask because the world as we know it is about to be destroyed by the passions and ignorance of the species most characterized by its capacity for wisdom and taking an active role in how things unfold.

Never in the history of the world has there been a greater need for the kind of whole hearted presence and action we dream about in fiction and fantasy.

Today we turn on the news and see the world laying in ruins and past the point of 'no return. But who among us can look out the window and hear a calling; see an opportunity for meaning and purpose?

If ever there was an opportunity for the kind of life we fantasize about in movies and books, it is now, for the greatest needs of the world have finally risen to the surface.

Yet, “What can I do, I'm just one person?” Thinks the whole world simultaneously. But I will tell you this.

The question is not as it has been, that is, how can I escape the unbearable reality of a life not worth living? Rather, the question is in fact quite the opposite. What is a pursuit worthy of my fullest presence and whole hearted participation? How can I overcome those things which compel me to remain un-alive, so that I may live fully? “And not” as William Blake wrote, “When I come to die, discover that I had not lived.”

These were my words.

My last words...

before I lived.