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This page contains Countersurveillance and Suosveillance tools and resources.


Sousveillance is the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity usually with a portable/wearable camera/audio recorder or even smart phone. The term "sousveillance" was coined by Steve Mann.  The word “sur” in French means “over” or “above,” and surveillance the “watching from above." The word “sous,” by contrast, means “under” or “below” and Suosveillance a sort of "watching from below." While government and institutions steadily increase surveillance of individuals, suosveillance tools empower individuals to be able to watch back.

Because of portable camcorders and phones, millions have been able to protect themselves by recording car accidents, abuse of power , and even phenomenal events like meteor strikes.

Dashboard Cameras

"A dashcam is an onboard camera that attaches to the vehicle's interior windscreen by either a supplied suction cup mount or an adhesive-tape mount. It can also be positioned on top of the dashboard or attached to the rear-view mirror with a special mount. It continuously records the road ahead while the vehicle is in motion.[1] Dashcams often provide video evidence in an event of an accident.[2] Various types of dashcam are available on the market, ranging from basic video cameras to ones which also record parameters such as date/time, speed, G-forces and location... They have been very useful in additional evidence in court, and as a guard against police corruption and insurance fraud." ~Wikipedia

BlackVue DR400G HD 2

BlackVue DR400G HD 2 is a high end HD dashcam that allows remote access from android phones and PC's running Windows XP. Vista, or 7 or Mac with USB2 port capable of displaying .AVI videos and JPG photographs.


  • Full HD Video: High Definition & High Frame Rate, Extended recording time with a high compression rate
  • 2 megapixel CMOS sensor, Diagonal 120, horizontal 98, Built-in microphone, High-Capacity Meory Card Support (up to 32GB)
  • Various Recording Modes, Motion Dection in Parking Mode Recording, 360 rotation cylinder in sleek design, Full HD label
  • Universal File Format: MP4, Video Playback on various devices, BlackVue App and Software(for PC), MyWay Viewer
  • Built-in GPS and G-sensor, Internal Emergency battery, Voice Guide, 3-color LEDs, Video out.

Includes: Camera Unit, Window Mounting Holder/Bracket, 16GB Memory Card, Lighter Socket Connector and Cable, Cable Holders, Software for PC installation, Instruction Booklet, and a 12 Month Warranty.

G1W 1080P HD Car Dash Camera

G1W 1080P HD Car Dash Camera is the most affordable stock  dashcam we have found; ranking repeatedly as one of the best low-cost dash cams on the market. No GPS, no complicated features. Just a simple dashcam that will do the job.



  • Full 1080P HD Recording at a Smooth 30 FPS and 720P at 60 FPS with LED Night Vision and Automatic Motion Detection
  • The Original Black Box G1W: Using Exclusive Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens - Provides Low Power Consumption, High Definition Video Compression and Smooth Image Processing
  • Easy to Use and Setup: Auto-Start and On-Spot Play Back with a 2.7'' HD Wide Screen LCD - Featuring WDR 140 Degree Wide Angle 4x Zoom Lens and 5.0 Megapixel Camera
  • G-Sensor Enabled Recording Occurs as Soon as Any Sudden Braking, Impact, Rapid Acceleration or Sharp Cornering Occurs
  • Innovative Swivel Ball Suction Mount Allows You to Attach Device to Any Flat Surface

Includes: G1W Dash Car Camera, English User Manual, Suction Cup Car Mount, USB Cable, and a Car Adaptor Power Cable.

SJCAM SJ4000 1080P HD Action Camera

The SJCAM is designed for point-of-view, action recording. It has a tough design, accompanying water and shockproof case, and mounts for every surface type, making the SJCAM perfect for an all in one counter-surveillance dashcam and adventure cam. The difference between the GoPro abd the SJCAM is that it costs less than half the price because they spend less than half as much on marketing.

Features: 1080P 30 FPS HD Video & Audio Recording, Waterproof up to 164 Feet, Battery life of 80 Minutes, GoPro Quality Video for a Third of the Price, Records in Loop Recording or 12 MP Still Images, Includes Dash Camera Accessories , Records in Time Lapse Modes, Includes G-Sensors, Can Record via Motion-Activation for Home Security Use, Takes up to 64GB SD Card , Can be used as a Dash Camera (Start / Stop Recording)

Includes: SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera, Waterproof Case, Waterproof Case Bracket, Bike Bracket, Multifunction Clip, Battery, Camera Clip, Helmet Base, Bandage, Cleaning Cloth, Power Adapter, 3M Adhesive Tape, USB Cable, Bracket Adapter,  and a Manual.

video streaming smartphone apps

Apps that allow you to automatically upload or even live stream or broudcast video and audio from your smartphone are great tools in the prevention of police misconduct and in the event ones phone gets destroyed or confescated.


Bambuser lets you broadcast live video and audio from your mobile phone or DV camera onto their server using 3G or WiFi for free View incoming chat messages, broadcast in public or in private. You can geotaged the location if you choose and even shared directly on social networks as well.


Fi-Vo Film is an app that automatically uploading your video straight to the internet as you record it . As you record, your video instantly saves to your phone and  uploads to your free Dropbox account.



Ustream provides one of the largest live streaming platforms boasting over 85 milion live streams to date. They have been around for 7 years. Users can access their platform free and purchase premium to access their streamed videos free of adds.

Hidden Digital Audio recorders

A protective tool to discretely protect yourself; once a common technique in surveillance, espionage and in police investigations.

USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder 2GB

A budget hidden digital audio recorder storing data right onto a USB Thumb Drive with one button on-off audio recording. Audio files are removed by inserting into any computer USB Port. The battery is charged by inserting into computer USB port or USB car chargers if on the go. Budget in price but make no mistake it gets the job done.

Specifications: Recording Time: 40 Hours, Brand: Generic, Battery Life: 4 Hours, Covert Design: Looks like a USB Flash Drive, Phone Recording: No, Voice Activated Mode: No, Audio Quality: Average, Mac Compatible: Yes, Microphone Sensitivity: 4-8 Ft

MemoQ MQ-U300 4GB Voice Activated Flash Drive Voice Recorder

The MemoQ is a Law Enforcement Grade hidden digital audio recorder with one button on off recording onto a 4G USB Thumb drive.  It can capture for up to 30 feet in diameter, record up to 15 hours of high quality audio and remain powered on standby for up to 25 days.

Specs: Memory: 4GB, Recording Time: 144 hrs, Battery Life: 15 Hrs, Standby Time: 25 Days, Charging Time: 1.5 hrs, Size: 68 x 10.5 x 20 mm, Weight: 13.2g

WAVband - Wristband Audio Recorder

A 8G covert digital audio recorder that is worn as any common fitness tracker or smart watch. This doesnt require you find anything in your pocket or hold something in your hand making it very useful. It is turned on and off with large button right on top, it can record almost 20hrs straight.

Specs: Size: 1.7 x .7 x .4, Weight: .7 oz, Power Supply: 3.7v 110 mAh (~20 hours), Recording Format: WAV, 128kpbs, Internal Memory: 8GB.

Includes: Manual and USB charging cable.




Chances are, if you are doing something for liberty that matters then you are on a list somewhere. Countersurveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, and countermeasures taken to reduce the risk of surveillance. This includes bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, and visual surveillance devices.

Lidar Counter Measures

Radar detectors and laser jammers are not the only countermeasures available for combating speed traps and other revenue-generating schemes used by municipalities.  Special coatings can be applied to your vehicle’s headlight lenses to absorb LIDAR, are very effective at defeating speed traps and providing drivers with an edge on the road. 

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) systems are other forms of mass-surveillance technology which continue to gain in popularity with law enforcement.  If you have ever spotted a police vehicle with strange looking black boxes mounted on the trunk, you have likely encountered their use. These systems constantly scan license plates and are capable of performing instant-background checks of every vehicle’s registered owner. According to the ACLU these systems are being used to track and indefinitely store, in vast databases, the movements of millions of innocent motorists with little or no restrictions to protecting our privacy rights. 

Veil G5 Stealth Coating


Veil G5 Stealth Coating is a cost effective passive countermeasure which defends against police Laser (Lidar), IR Red light Cameras, and IR Speed cameras, automated license plate readers (ALPRs), etc... Putting this coating on your car reduces the effective targeting range of police laser speed enforcement devices, giving you additional time to slow down and avoid a ticket. Veil G5 Stealth Coating when paired with a radar/laser detector is the most effective way to drive smart and ticket free.


  • One Container of Veil G5
  • Two Foam Brushes
  • Instruction Sheet

bug detectors

Bug detectors do exactly what you think, they detect audio recorders and hidden cameras in any room, plane, boat etc.. across many frequencies.

Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector

The RD10 from LawMate, scans and detects any hidden spy cameras, bugs, and all digital and WiFi transmissions. It detects cameras whether on or off, dead or alive, wired or wireless and can display the hidden camera through the view finders. Bug scans are from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. With a sensitivity adjustment, you can sweep a room, car, boat, office or plane and have it alert you by vibration from your pocket when it detects eavesdropping. 

Specs: Four Detectors In One!, Hidden Camera Detector, Finds Hidden Cameras On/Off-Wired/Wireless - Dead Or Alive, Blink Camera Scanner View Finder On/Off To Find Them Fast!,  Fast RF Big Scanner Detector- 20 MHz to 6 GHz, Rugged Construction From LawMate, Sensitivity Adjustments, RF Signal Strength Meter Ten Colored Light Array, Covert Pocket Silent Vibration Alert Mode, Hidden Camera Finder Blink On/Off, Light Weight And Small, Telescoping Antenna transcends to a flush mount on unit, Antenna can bend when fully extended for pinpointing alerts, Instantly Toggles from RF Bug Detection To Hidden Camera Detection, LawMate Brand Means Professional Law Enforcement Grade, Size: A mere 3 inches X 1.75 inches X .5 inches thick!

Includes: 2 AAA Batteries

Protect 1205M - Portable bug detector

The DD1205 is a  pen style portable bug dectector that will detect different types of  Radio Frequency bugging devices in premises, vehicles and various items. It will and inform you by way of a bargraph indicator or by silent vibration.  It also detects GSM bugs, 'spy' mobile phones and mobile phones in an active state (for illegal transmission of conversations).

Specs: Working frequency range 30—6000 MHz, 8-segment bar graph indicator for precise measuring the radio field level and location of a bugging device, Adjust sensitivity' button for omitting insignificant background fields, Pen-style design for covert operation. Does not attract people's attention when used or transported. Can be carried in a pocket and used at the same time. Very convenient for checking surrounding objects when on a business trip, in a restaurant, hotel or somebody's office, “High Power” indicator for pocket use, “Pulse” indicator for recognizing digital transmitters including GSM and DECT Powered by LR03 battery (size AAA).

Includes: 1x AAA Battery, Manual, an the Detector.


Scramblers block, create interference with, or subvert surveillance in some form or fashion, keeping conversations and events private from the eye in the sky.


The GSM SAFE 3 is useful in cases where your mobile phone might be modified, changed or has pre-installed spyware software. In the form of an attractive desktop stand, It has a built-in radio-frequency detector, a controlling scheme and a noise generator which turns on if the phone becomes active. The GSM SAFE 3 automatically turns on when there is a telephone inside it. Normal calls can be answered in the usual way since you will hear the telephone’s melody or vibration and simply remove it from the stand whereas ‘spy’ activations by third parties will not produce any sound or vibration which is where the GSM SAFE 3 flashes LED and can automatically turn on its noise generator (NOISE mode) so any listener will only hear this sound.

Specs: Provides Protection against any Cell Phone Spying or Tampering, Detects GSM, CDMA, WCDMA (3G) and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, Turns on Automatically when Phone is Placed Inside, Compatible with Virtually all GSM Cell Phones, Generates White Noise when RF Frequences are Detected to Deter Phone Spies., Warns you with LED when Phone is Transmitting Data., Built in the United States and, includes One Year Warranty.

Includes: 2 Batteries size AAA, Detector, Manual, and a Screw Driver.

Audio Jammer

The Audio Jammer protects Conversation against any Audio Recording Devices so sensitive information may be exchanged. It does so by desensitizing any microphone that may be in the vicinity. Works against tape recorders, RF transmitters, hard wired microphones and shotgun microphones.

Specs: White Noise Generator, Range of 150 Square Feet Per Unit, Generates an Audible Random Masking Sound , Built by Generic

Includes: Audio Jammer, 9v battery, user manual.

Counter Surveillance smartphone apps

Scanner Radio Pro

Scanner Radio Pro gives you access to over 4,700 police and fire scanners from your smart phone. Plain and simple.

Phantom Alert

Phantom Alert is 100% Legal GPS and smartphone APP service that alerts you to speed traps, redlight cameras, DUI Checkpoints and even School Zones, Dangerous Intersections. It interfaces your GPS Devices, SmartPhones and Computers. It has Guaranteed accuracy with latest verified locations, and Tech Support with download and updates. Even Email Notifications of new speed trap and cameras in your areas if need be.