Tools and Resources


Debt Consolidation and Reduction


CuraDebt offers debt consolidation and settlement for credit cards, medical bills, as well as other unsecured and tax debt. They are one of the more well known and experienced in the debt relief industry offering  no-obligation consultation with 100% free and confidential service.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief specializes in debt settlement. They have negotiated thousands of settlements and are one of the largest in the US.

credit building tools (without debt)

The conventional method of building credit usually requires that you go into debt, either via a secured line of credit such as a mortgage, or an unsecured line of credit, such as a credit card. Now there are a small number of tools and resources that can help build credit without requiring going into debt.

Rental Kharma

Rental Kharma can help you build credit using your rent each month and even report 2 years of rent in the past.


Ecredable helps you build an alternative credit score called AMP Credit Ratings. Users can use this score in the process to qualify for a car, home loan or line of credit even if you don’t have a traditional credit score. According to their website, "...BY LAW, and upon your request, ALL lenders MUST take the information contained in your AMP Credit Report into consideration when evaluating your credit."

Shared Secure loans

Shared Secure Loans: are loans against your own money, enabling borrowers (owners?) to build credit without going into debt. They are Loans only offered by local credit unions to credit union members.

Shared Secure Loans are also surprisingly not part of the credit generated out of thin air on top of reserve deposits via the Fractional Reserve Banking Method. According to Amanda Beard the Leading Production Manager at Velocity Credit Union and her associate, when asked whether members where loaned their own money or lending funds based on reserve deposits in a Shared Secure Loan, she responded "you are loaned your own money from your own savings account." This makes Shared Secure Loans a great alternative to contributing to further inflation!

National Credit Union Administration

National Credit Union Administration has an interactive map for users to locate local credit unions in their area.