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Did you know when you go through airport security, TSA can go through your thumb drives, computer and phone and take pics and info off without a warrant? Encrypted data storage makes sure all your selfies, private company data, or anything you keep in digital form are encrypted and safe from the prying eyes of hackers, TSA, NSA and all other types of -SA's. What you can expect to find here are zero knowledge encrypted cloud storage services, encrypted USB thumb drives and encrypted SSD or hard drives, as well as open source operating systems that allow you encrypted your hard drive and home folder.

disk encryption


DiskCryptor is an open source software that encrypts all disk partitions, including the system partition. Support for encryption algorithm AESTwofishSerpent, including their combinations. cane support a pre-boot password for disk decryption. It lets you even encrypt external USB storage devices as well as CD's and DVD's. This is only for Windows OS.


EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space. It runs with regular user permissions using the FUSE library. EncFS is Open Source software. The EncFS library is licensed under the LGPL. Supports GNU/Linux, and Windows.

 CLOUD STORAGE encryption

Using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google drives is privacy suicide. Data mining has become more profitable than gold and your personal data is the resource. Here are alternatives on the frontier of data storage privacy.


SpiderOak offers a zero knowledge cloud storage service. If you need a cloud backup and want absolute privacy, use this service. Up to 2 GB are free for life and $10/month if you need more. It also allows you to share files, synch folders on your desktop.


Cryptomator offers free client side AES encryption that is open source, requires no registration of personal information and will let you use cloud storage like Dropbox completely encrypted.

Encrypted USB Thumb Drives

Corsair Padlock 2 USB 2.0 Flash Drive

  • User customizable 4-10 digit personal identification number to lock and unlock
  • Built-in hacking detection locks device for 2 minutes after 5 failed attempts
  • Plug-n-Play compatible via USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port
  • Secure 256-bit hardware AES encryption
  • Limited 10 year warranty

Kingston Digital Data Traveler AES Encrypted Vault Privacy 256Bit 3.0 USB Flash Drive (water-proof)

  • Business - Grade Security - 100 - percent of stored data is protected by hardware - based, 256 - bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in XTS mode
  • USB 3.0 - latest USB standard guarantees backwards compatibility with USB 2.0
  • Read-Only Access Mode - when selected, access files in Read-only Mode to avoid potential Malware risks
  • Enforced password protection - complex password is user set with minimum characteristics to prevent unauthorized access
  • Secure - drive locks down and reformats after 10 intrusion attempts
  • Durable - resilient protection for data in a waterproof 5 aluminum casing
  • FIPS 197 certified

Encrypted external Hard Drives 

Apricorn Aegis Padlock USB 3.0 256-Bit AES XTS Hardware Encrypted Portable External Hard Drive

  • Convenient ultra-portable design
  • Hardware encrypted drive
  • Simple to use PIN Access
  • Administrator password feature
  • Bus powered
  • Integrated USB cable
  • Extensive shock mounting
  • Perfect for companies dealing with sensitive information
  • Utilizes Military Grade FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
  • Super fast USB 3.0 Connection - Data transfer speeds up to 10X faster than USB 2.
  • Software Free Design - With no admin rights needed
  • Sealed from Physical Attacks by Tough Epoxy Coating
  • Brute Force Self Destruct Feature
  • Compact, Rugged Design - Perfect for taking your data on the road
  • Wear Resistant Key Pad