Health Independence Coaching

Health is the single most overlooked factor affecting the freedom of liberty lovers today. for this reason, health independence coaching included as one of our primary services offered.

The complexity and pace of 21st century life makes it difficult to recognize dietary and lifestyle factors which slowly eat away at our autonomy and independence. Sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, processed foods are addictions for most without even having realized it. The fact that everyone is addicted, makes this fact even harder to recognize yet never the less has the potential to create the same level dependency found in government welfare programs and hard synthetic narcotics.

Frontier Liberty has a Certified Nutrition Coach on staff who is a master of health independence and a wealth of knowledge about alternatives to liberty hostile food choices and eating habits. Our health independence expert is experienced and ready to take on any body who is serious about approaching health and diet as one potential path to liber-ation.

This a unique and invaluable service in pursuit of personal as well as political freedom. This service helps clients reach chemical, hormonal, and neurological equilibrium from which political liberty may be approached with personal resolve and an inner strength and cool unseen and unheard of in the liberty movement.

Call or email us today and schedule a free initial assessment to determine how best we can serve you.