Legal empowerment is a term used in to describe the struggling of minority racial, religious or economic groups. Here though it is referring to the individual and the rights of the individual, which by the same criteria has become a minority. There are two main contributing factors in the steady downward legal mobilization of individual rights. These are: 1) lack of legal awareness' and 2) 'lack of access to legal empowerment tools.' Legal empowerment is knowing the law, using available 'para legal tools' like dash cameras, and legal smartphone apps, to make the law work for you. 

Many today do not trust the legal system due to the widespread systemic abuse individuals have historically been subjected to by the more powerful. The tools you will find herein are grass root justice tools; “they take the law out of books and courtrooms, and makes it available and meaningful to ordinary people.” Get tools to enhance your capacity to exercise your rights.

Endangered rights

This section contains cutting edge tools and resources for protecting and exercising orphaned and forgotten rights. Here you will find products, services, videos, interactive maps, graphs, organizations, locators, pamphlets, infographics, fliers, and information all about rights which are under threat of becoming extinct.  

countersuveillance & suosveillance

While government and institutions steadily increase surveillance of individuals, Countersurveillance and Suosveillance Tools have empowered individuals to counter their intrusions and even watch back. Because of portable camcorders and phones, millions have been able to protect themselves in car accidents, against abuse of power, and even record phenomenal events like meteor strikes. Get tools to stop surveillance and watch back.

activist toolkits

Get tools and resources employed in 21st century activism. These tools have been compiled into activist tool-kits which can be useful in legislative research, promotion, organizing, community assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, advocacy, boycotts, protests, court, etc...

legal protection tools

These tools empower individuals within our present judicial system. Everything from legal apps to contract generators, Legal Insurance Providers, Civil Rights and more.