Visa Vanilla

Visa Vanilla is a pre-paid gift card that offers anonymity with financial transactions and can be purchased cash requiring no personal identifying information from most corner stores, drug stores and grocery stores in the US. d can be used with almost all merchants where visa is accepted but require registration online through their website to use in online transactions. Can be loaded in amounts between (20 500 dollars). Tip: Pay for gas inside or it will automatically charge $75 to your card. They also cannot be reloaded

Simon Visa Gift Card

Simon Visa Gift Card is a non reloadable prepaid visa gift card that can be used at all merchants that accept visa. A great alternative to banks. They take up to $500, accept cash, and don’t ask for a name, much less address or SSN. Their malls are everywhere and web interface lets you connect any name and address you want to each card, so you can use them with merchants that do AVS checks which means anonymous online purchases.


Currently there is only one provider for masked online purchases and that is Abine. They masking  service for online purchases works by charging your card for the amount of your transaction and then generating a single use card number, CVV, expiration date, (which uses their billing address) and you can put whatever name you would like. The only information that shows up on in your bank account is a charge by They are a US based company and are required to keep financial records and will turn them over under court order. This is NOT a service for criminal activity but it IS a solution to unwarranted mass surveillance of peoples financial activity. They also provide clients with services for masked email, masked phone number, tracker blocker, password manager and internet information removal.