Companies like Lavabit were left with no alternative but to shut down if they didnt turn over clients entrusted data when the NSA came knocking at their door. If you want to exercising your right to free speech and not be looking over your shoulder or walking on egg shells worrying about your words being taken out of context, you want a web-host and domain name server that are out of the reach of US or EU jurisdiction and data retention laws, let you register with only the minimum of information required if you choose, yet still have one or two click installs for WordPress and others so you can have a professional website.



Unseen is a Webhost and Domain Name Server created by the creators of in response to revelations about censorship and NSA monitoring of personal data. It began in the US and quickly moved it's servers and headquarters to Iceland for to offer greater privacy protection.They keep your information confidential and are about a 2 click install for WordPress,

Orange Website

Orange Website is aWeb Hosting and Domain Name Server. Their servers and headquarters is in Iceland which is outside of the US and EU jurisdiction. Their service was specifically designed to "provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored" and is "for people who are concerned about security and privacy matters." They have one click install for wordpress, accept bitcoin and keep info confidential.