Nearly a third of Americans receive food aid from the government. A high state of dependency on government for bare essentials creates a relationship very hostile to liberty and democracy and allows the manufacturing of consent on a mass scale. Personal reliance tools increase food, water, shelter, energy independence and community resilience. Personal reliance and local resilience enable individuals and communities to exercise and stand up for their rights regardless of benefit or consequence by said agencies for non compliance.  It also is a lifestyle which is much more sustainable in practice and decreases support and dependency on industrial agriculture and large power-plants. 


Regain your property rights and getting "shelter," one of our most basic needs, out of the hands of banks and government agencies and back into the hands of families and communities. The key is building simple and using local materials. Want this need in your hands? These tools and resources will be a good starting place.


Liberty is much easier to defend and exercise in times of peace and plenty than it is in times of mass unrest. Get the tools to survive in times of crisis or unrest and maintain liberty when it counts. Find tools for survival, long term food and water storage, emergency seed vaults, water filtration and more. 

food and water independence 

Building resilience and self/community reliance means" food and water. Get tools and resources to have a living garden, fresh potable water, livestock. Gain your food and water independence now.


Take advantage of the many alternative energy technologies available in the 21st century for residential use and gain energy independence. Find here solar and wind manufacturers, suppliers, tools and resources, human powered. hybrid and more.

medical empowerment

Find tools and resources for gaining medical empowerment and medical independence. Learn to take care of yourself in first aid, surgery, medicinal herbs and roots, and more. (coming soon)