Frontier Liberty is a result of surfing more than politics. I would die a happy man if I could do for others what the waves have done for me. As I child I used to wonder big questions like "where am I going?" and "What's it all about?" As a surfer I realized the answer. If i am to go anywhere, it better be a place where I can say "there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than exactly where I am right now." I mean why would I head towards a place where, when I get there, I would rather have been somewhere else and doing something completely different... why wouldn't I just go there instead?

When I was young I was given a map. The same map as everyone else. " You go to school to get good grades. Get good grates to get into college. Get into college to get a degree. Get a degree to get a job. Get a job to make the money to buy the time to then do the things that make life worth living. The problem was, I kept meeting people who had taken this map much farther than me, most of whom seemed to still be asking the question? When will i get there? Where's the place I was trying to go? People, including myself seemed to live half present, half off in another world; half doing what they are doing and half dreaming of doing something completely different. And the more I stayed on track and kept my nose to the grind stone, the more the moments that made life worth living for kept coming fewer and farther between.

On one fateful evening driving home from the beach I asked the question, "What is it about surfing that I cant get from the rest of my life everywhere else? What keeps us?" And it was this question that turned into this quest.

 What I found was that it was the way that we relate to each other and our world that was not conducive to the kind of richness that could be found on the fringes of human experience like in surfing. Yet it was not the banks, the government, institutions, it was just four walls and a bunch of people. People who related to each other in ways that was not intrinsically rewarding or sustainable. Our cultural infrastructure and world order was not only not conducive... it was in fact a great obstacle.

I asked a high school class once in a workshop 'what was one thing they wanted to see change in the world' and 'to outline a plan to make it happen'. I heard lots of plans like: 'the president should do this', 'I wish God wouldnt allow this', 'the school should do it like this'... but no one had anything they could walk out the door and do. They (we) a sort of  top-down authority centered way of problem solving.. I want to change that. I want people to take their needs back into their hands and to have a more holistic approach to things like their (our) liberty and privacy. 


Often I see people discouraged and hopeless when thinking about modern violations of liberty and privacy; something that is very characteristic of people trapped in abusive or unhealthy relationships. The inspiration for Frontier Liberty actually came from a year I spent part time volunteering with victims of domestic abuse. It was very meaningful and rewarding but eventually I wanted to go to the root, and I felt like I was only doing damage control; clean up of the aftermath of people living in a sick society. Liberty, rights and privacy are just other names for respect, autonomy and so on. All the things I saw in unhealthy personal relationships between two individuals were pervasive through out our social, financial, and political systems. There exists the same coercion, propaganda, control tactics, manufactured state of dependency, isolation, excuses or justifications for abusive behavior (institutional abuse), I wanted to do something that could help make the conditions within our political, social, economic systems more conducive to the kind of relationships I find to be rich, healthy and rewarding, and empower the individual to create conditions which are a catalyst to this end rather than a hindrance.

None of this machinery turns without the gears of each of our participation. Yet true goodness can only flourish in a world where people are free, connected and empowered. Rather than fight the system and the man, let us find peaceful alternatives.