Privacy Consulting:

Frontier Liberty offers privacy consulting services empowering individuals and families who's privacy has been compromised by a stalkers, abusers, hackers or warrantless surveillance.

As a client, you will receive custom solutions tailored to fit both your situation and budget. Frontier Liberty helps you meet your privacy goals while feeling confident, empowered and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

What To Expect:

Our meetings will be professional and privacy centered. I will serve as your consultant, team mate, and friend. I will empower you with tailored privacy solutions, help you see your blindspots, implement changes and help you regain your privacy.

You will feel confident and secure in your communications, work, travel,  browsing.

Our Process:

Initial Assessment:

Our first meeting, either in person or by phone, allows us assess your situation, gather information and identify your privacy needs/goals.

Assessment report:

Each client receives a report detailing tailored solutions, risk assessment, strategies and recommendations.

Assessment Report Overview:

Here, we will go over this report and discuss options, enter into an agreement and make a time-line for meeting objectives.

services rendered: 

Appointments will be scheduled for any service which requires your presence and cannot be conducted remotely.

Examples of Services:

  • Safety Smart-Phone Apps
  • Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
  • Cyber Security and Internet Information Removal
  • Phone, Text, and Email Privacy
  • And more!