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This page contains tools and resources for regaining your privacy on and offline. Browse by category or scroll to view complete directory.


Through cellular, WIFI, Blue Tooth, GPS, electronic financial and other networks, everyday, information about your location, identity, relationships, finances, interests, buying habits, and lifestyle is being mined remotely by both public and private entities. Privacy Tools protect you against global mass surveillance and non-consensual monetization of your personal data. Another name for privacy tools is Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET's). They consist of communication anonymizers, encrypted data storage tools, and tools for protecting your privacy online and in the real world. Read more by clicking the button bellow.





&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; OFF-LINE PRIVACY





Privacy tools here stop NSA, companies, and stalkers from gaining access to your phone calls, text messages, video camera, microphone, internet activity, and location via GPS, Blue Tooth, WIFI, Cellular and other networks. They allow you to communicate and browse freely without wondering of someone is listening. Fortunately, really smart people have done all the leg work for you, all you have to do to take advantage of these cutting edge privacy tools. To thwart illegal mass surveillance and corporate data mining, all you have to do is: use the app, install the plugin, or signup for this one verses that one. Mobile phone Privacy include phone call and text encryption products and services, proxies and VPNs for mobile, Cellular, wifi, gps shielding and blocking merchandise and more.

communication anonymizers

Find apps for making end to end encrypted phone calls and text messages, 

Privacy Phones

Find secure and robust phones and cellular networks built specifically for privacy by some of the most qualified cryptographers in the world. 

privacy apps

Find alternative app stores, maps and navigation, social media apps designed for smart phone privacy.

mobile vpn's and proxy networks

Find tools for encrypting your internet connection, browsing and online activity from your phone. 


Online privacy tools keep your browsing, searching, shopping, and blogging and even the internet connection itself private or anonymous and let YOU choose what information gets collected online. These tools can tell you when your info is being collected, stop it, and even remove your personal data from the web. Online privacy tools you will find here include anonymous search engines, tracker blockers, masked online shopping services, anonymous search engines, overseas private website and domain hosts, proxies and virtual private networks.

Internet information removal resources

Remove your leaked personal data from search engines, people databases, social media and the deep web. Do it yourself or use professional services who will remove it for you. 


Tools used to protect you from being tracked, hacked, or stalked through your devices wireless signals.

Privacy friendly OPERATING SYSTEMS 

 Find operating systems better for your privacy such as those used by Snowden and other whistle blowers and activists with open source code audited by the internet community for NSA backdoors unlike Windows and iOS. Better protect computers from data loss, misuse and abuse with these. 

Proxies and VPN's 

Tools to encrypt your Internet connection and keep your Internet Service Provider and the NSA from spying on you. You need to encrypt your interenet connection and mask your IP Address.  IS Your IP Address and location showing?


Find encrypted and overseas email providers based out side the US jurisdiction that allow secure and encrypted email communication. 

anonymous search engines

Keep your interests, family circumstances, political leanings, medical conditions, etc... out of the hands of NSA, black-hat hackers and criminals. Find alternatives to privacy hostile search engines like google yahoo and the rest.

Online financial privacy tools

Here you will find pre-paid credit card that offers anonymity with financial transactions, services for masked online shopping, alternative and crypto-currencies and more.

privacy friendly website hosting

Find Web-hosts and Domain Name Servers overseas designed for greater privacy protection and to keep your information confidential.

alternative password managers 

Find tools for encrypted, zero-knowledge, locally stored, cloud-based, opensource and other password managers.


tracker blockers

 Find browser-add on tools that stop sites tracking you without your consent.

Darknet & meshnet

A darknet is an overlay network that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations, or authorization, often using non-standard communications protocols and ports. Two typical darknet types are friend-to-friend networks and anonymity networks such as Tor via an anonymized series of connections. Find resources for these here.


Off-Line Privacy Tools protect your location, identity, and finances private or even anonymous. They keep stalkers, identity thiefs, and NSA types from knowing your eating and sleeping habits, whereabouts, shopping habits, while at home or in the car. These include RFID, WIFI, Cellular, Blue Tooth, shielding, blocking technologies and merchandise, Social Security Number Privacy Services, Counter Surveillance Equipment, and car black box privacy tools and resources, affordable offshore private bank accounts for individuals and companies.


 Find merchandise to block RFID, NFC transmissions and other types to stop location tracking, electronic pick-pocketing and secure your identity. Protect yourself against the privacy vulnerabilities of contactless credit cards, chips and RFID's. 

smart-meter privacy resources

Protect your privacy and health from invasive and health damaging smart meters and smart household appliances with these resources.


Learn how to protect yourself against abuses of smart technology called Event Data Recorder (EDR) aka a "black box" that records information about speed, seatbelt, even audio and video of drivers. Find tools and resources for determining if your car has a blackbox, laws in your state about black boxes, car blackbox locking tools, etc... here.


Countersurveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, and countermeasures taken to reduce the risk of surveillance. This includes bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, and visual surveillance devices. 

Social Security Number Privacy resources

More important as protecting your IP Address online, is protecting your SSN offline. The social security number is used for everything now, find resources on when you have to give it and when you dont, how to do common life activities without it, and more.


Encrypted data storage makes sure all your selfies, private company data, or anything you keep in digital form are encrypted and safe from the prying eyes of hackers, TSA, NSA and all other types of -SA's. 

disk encryption tools

Find tools to encrypt your hard drive and home folder etc... 

encrypted cloud storage

Find resources and tools for zero knowledge, encrypted cloud storage. Alternatives to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google drives. 

Encrypted external storage

Find encrypted USB Thumb Drives, SSD's and External Hard Drives using military grade encryption, password protection and more.