smart houses and cars

Houses now come with smart meters installed that have the capability of monitoring a large range of information about home owners including when the home is occupied, general number of occupants, sleeping, eating and other data about home life. Cars also have smart technology installed called Event Data Recorder (EDR) aka a "black box" that records information about speed, seatbelt, even audio and video of drivers. Black boxes are installed against consent in all new cars after 2006, and many before and cannot be removed because they are integrated into the air-bag and car computer systems. The data is even used by ome insurance agencies. Tools and resources for helping you regain privacy regarding these, see bellow.

Smart Houses


The EMF Safety Network aims to reduce EMF and RF (wireless) to protect children, communities, and nature. They have a directory of local coalitions and groups dedicated to smartmeter privacy and alternatives that will help you find information on how you can opt out of smart technology and regain privacy in your home.

Smart Cars

List of states and their legislation regarding car black boxes and privacy

Look up your states laws and learn when your data can be accessed without your consent and when it cannot.


Cyblok ihas created a cyber lock that can be attached to the cars diagnostic port connector through which the blackbox is generally accessed. This allows users a degree of control over access and measures that can at least require law enforcement to get a court order to access the data thus preventing misuse.