what effect does the social security number on my privacy?

The SSN is now used to authenticate individuals identity for almost everything. The proponents of its universal use claim that it helps prevent unauthorized access to various accounts and information. In the event of stalking, abuse, or identity theft, the SSN can create privacy concerns and even put someone at risk. If your personal data is ever compromised, (as it has been daily see here) then changing your SSN could mean losing your educational credentials, work history, and credit because everything is tied to it. Also, because of the digital world we live in, it is becoming increasingly dificult to safe guard agaisnt this abuse. Furthermore, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created an algorithm that uses publicly available personal information to reconstruct a given SSN with astonishing accuracy (see here).

what effect does the SSN have on liberty?

"Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" were three examples of "inalienable rights" mentioned by the author of the Declaration of Independence. The right to life is self evident. Everyone has intrinsic value and therefore their life has value. The right to support that life seems to be an issue of debate now days. It hangs on whether one has a right to this or that particular job, but the general right to labour for one's life and sustenance is by necessity.

Currently, the IRS provides for a $50 penalty for employees who fail to furnish their SSN to their employers. Although this is truly negligible to those who have real privacy concerns or religious/conscientious objections, it is never the less making two loud statements. To make it a punishable offence for people to work without obtaining a number from government and giving it to their employer first is the equivalent of having defacto federal work permit laws. It says man does not have this right to labour to sustain his life but that it is a privilege of government and therefore that his life has no intrinsic value.

Life is a gift but it is not the gift by any man or institution. The laws requiring individuals to obtain or furnish a SSN in order to exercise an inalienable right is not only not healthy but is a vine growing in society that life is not an inalienable right.

Though there are far fewer requirements for individuals without SSN's than for those who have obtained one. Obstacles for both include opening a bank account, getting a mortgage, and securing employment ($50 penalty) in the US.

Frontier Liberty is currently dedicating many of its resources to finding enumeration solutions for people with genuine privacy concerns or religious/conscientious objections.

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SSN Resources


Social Security Administration letter

Am I required to have a Social Security Number? "The Social Security Act does not require a person to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to live and work in the United States, nor does it require an SSN simply for the purpose of having one."  See Full Social Security Administration Response to Inquiry>>>

Social Security Administration Publication EN-05-10023

Am I required to give a Social to my children when they are born? Contrary to belief, there is no requirement that you number your children when the are born (See SSA Publication EN-05-10023>>>).

Social Security Number Policy and General Procedures: 00205.100 Parent Objection to Assignment of SSN to Child under the Enumeration at Birth Program

This is a leaked non public copy of the procedure used by the SSA when parents object to an SSN being assigned to their child at birth.    See page 1>>>      See page 2>>>

Especially for Texas Employers

Author Tommy Simmons, legal council for Commissioner Hope of Texas Workforce Commission takes the reader right up to the frontier of employment and enumeration in Texas in one chapter of his book. See Especially for Texas Employers>>>

Social-Security-Number-Not-Required: Policy Manuel for living without a social security number and for dealing with people, customers, and employees who do not use social security numbers; second edition

The title is self explanatory and the author is unknown. This is a great resource but please know that this was written before the Patriot Act of 2001and is inaccurate to that extent. See SSN Not Required>>>>