"Frontier Liberty did an amazing job in making me feel empowered and providing me with the resources I needed to get a flu shot exemption at work. They were efficient and put laws and policies into terminology I could easily understand so that I felt confident going into my boss and standing up for my rights. They even offered to role play the conversation I was going to have with my boss so that I could get feedback on the language I was using and ensure I understood my rights and could easily explain them. I have learned a tremendous amount from Frontier Liberty and will be contacting them again in the future if I need help. I would highly recommend!" - S.H.
"Nick was professional, timely, honest, and encouraging. The report I received was thorough, and he followed up with me multiple times to address questions and concerns. I'll be using his services again, and I have recommended him to my friends! Highly highly recommend this invaluable service, especially if work has you swamped and don't know where to start with research, as was my case." - Rhachel Toombs
“I was starting a school and having an internal conflict about many of the draconian and costly requirements associated with licensing for my school. They helped me structure my program to meet exemption requirements no one even new existed and saved me thousands of dollars in start-up costs!” - B.W., Executive Director
“I was referred to Frontier Liberty though a friend and the service/knowledge gained regarding the purchase and benefits of owning Crypto-currency, in particular bit-coin, were spot on. All of my questions were answered in full detail yet put into laymen’s terms, therefore; I now hope to refer others to use the excellent services from Frontier Liberty!” - Jacob Jackson, Loan Originator
“I did not like the idea that the NSA and nefarious corporations could read my emails and listen in on my phone calls whenever they wanted. Frontier Liberty gave me alternatives to Gmail and privacy apps for encrypted calls and texts. They made it super easy to make the transition and also helped me get a masked phone number and email to give out instead of the real ones!” - C.M.

"Nick, from Frontier Liberty wrote me a report on how I could minimize my tax and legal exposure on my new live-aboard boat and gave me step-by-step instructions on how to work around a legal situation that I face. It was thorough and insightful. Fully recommended." Mark Edge, Radio Personality, Free Talk Live

“When my baby was born everyone said I needed to vaccinate her or she couldn’t go to school, the doctor or travel. I felt I did not know enough about it at the time to decide. FL helped me find doctors friendly to un-vaccinated clients, exemption forms, travel information and even made a spreadsheet for me with a list of vaccines without Aluminium, Mercury, MSG or Formaldehyde!” - V.E.
"My house has been burglarized multiple times in the last couple years and the police won't do anything unless they get a description of them. Nick helped me figure out a number of things I could to to secure my house and protect myself out here in the country. I am 80 years old and live alone outside of town and this was a big help." - N.J., Retired