Unenumerated Living

I work with people who feel strongly about privacy and liberty and who want their children to grow up with the choice of enumeration when they are older should they choose to. I also work with people who want to learn to live to the maximum extent possible for them without having to use their Social Security Number (SSN). Are you feeling stuck and cornered into giving up your ssn for virtually everything?  This service will make you feel confident, empowered and knowledgeable about when you are required to use your ssn and not so that YOU choose when you give it out.

Coaching with me may be right for you if...

You are a peaceful conscientious objector to the de facto "requirement" to have and furnish a SSN for everything

You are concerned about the privacy and identify fraud issues associated with the widespread use of the SSN as the universal identifier.

You want an alternative to believing you have no choice but to give up your SSN for virtually everything.

You are not going to give your child a SSN and want to how to go about it and how they can mannage in life