Vaccine Choice Consulting

Our clients are parents who either want to wait, want an alternative schedule,  don't feel they know enough to decide about it yet, are religious or conscientious objectors, or have a child who cannot have one or more vaccines on the recommended schedule for medical or other reasons. But all our clients want to for themselves about their family's health and that is where we come into the picture. We give parents all their options and tailored plans so, should the choose another path for their family, they will be empowered and already have the know-how to do it.

Some of the Main obstacles:

  • Doctors, hospitals and clinics
  • Insurance coverage
  • State education laws
  • Employment in certain sectors
  • Travel/Immigration
  • Declared state of emergencies on communicable diseases
  • "Clean vaccines*"


Solutions we offer:

  • Locate local doctors and clinics who accept patients with alternative vaccine schedules or completely un-vaccinated.
  • Research insurance providers who do not discriminate coverage of un-vaccinated individuals or assist you with Medicaid decision appeal.
  • Facilitate state education vaccine exemption process
  • Facilitate employment vaccine exemption (certain sectors only i.e. schools, hospitals etc...)
  • Consult on international travel vaccine requirements
  • Consult on emergency planning and best practices in the event of state of emergency related to communicable diseases
  • Assist in identifying and gaining access to "clean vaccines"

* Clean Vaccines defined herein: containing no Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and MSG